The Fade Tabletop Advanced Guide

by Black Flame Studios

Black Flame Studios



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The Fade Tabletop Advanced Guide

The second installment in The Fade Tabletop series of products, the "Advanced Guide" offers many new options and materials for players.

This new book includes the following new content.

  • 24 new races including the bird-like Tengu, the the Valhalla bound Einherjar, and the monochromatic Half-Ghost.
  • 4 enemy-only races including the angel/demon hybrid named the Atrocity or the animalistic Drakken.
  • 10 new archetypes including the Mage Killer Warlord, the Knife Master Heister, and the Marksman Scout.
  • Many new talents including Fabulous Strikes, allowing one to use Luck in place of Strength or Agility for a Rapier, or Powerful Blast which allows a Marksman to roll dice as if it were a critical hit on a single attack.
  • Many racial talents to improve upon one's racial abilities.
  • New class-based abilities, including new Spellphone Apps for the Spellgrafter.
  • 26 new deities for people to worship.
  • Additional Armor such as helmets, arm pieces, leg pieces to defend one's body from blindness, tripping, and blindness.
  • New weapons such as the Zweihänder, Flamberge, Injector Knife, and Injector Axe.
  • Legendary Weapons such as Tyrfing and Gáe Bulg.
  • Runes which enhance enhance one's weapon or one's body.
  • Mundane Enhancements, Scrolls, Wands, Intelligent Items, and Cybernetics to enhance your character's gear and body.
  • New Auras and Spells, including Blood Magic and Technomancy.
  • Alternate and add-on rules such as Sanity, and changing the dice system The Fade Tabletop is played with from a d20 to a d6, d10, or d100 system.
  • And finally, setting specific material for Morta IV including maps for Berngulsh and information on each of the planets in the galaxy.