The Crystal Planet: Player's Guide

by Fat Goblin Games

Fat Goblin Games



The Crystal Planet: Player's Guide

The World of Living Gems!

In the vast darkness of space, a glimmering jewel exists with equally stunning folk populating it.

Welcome to Scintilla -- The Crystal Planet -- home to a race of sentient gemstones called the mineralites. The Crystal Planet: Player’s Guide offers not only the full write up to play a race of intelligent gemstones with bodies composed of light and gravity, but an entire planet of adventure! Beam through space in streams of light, project holographic copies of yourself, or wield weapons grown from crystals that cut enemies to the quick. Unique mineralite spells grant an edge that organic foes lack and if that isn’t enough, your ability to fuse with others of your kind will turn you into a being greater than the sum of your parts!

The book includes a fully realized history, culture, and some unique technology for beings composed of jewels. Detailed within is a caste system that can literally define every aspect of a member’s life, career, and purpose -- or you can play as a rogue gem trying to break from the mold. Players will find a wealth of roleplaying options in The Crystal Planet: Player’s Guide for a range of playstyles. Alien yet all too familiar, these walking and talking gemstones can be the focus of a campaign or just a quirky side character, all with just this one book!

Included in The Crystal Planet: Player’s Guide are:

  • Write up on Scintilla, home planet of the Mineralites
  • Full race write up with castes and alternate racial traits
  • Four Class archetypes specific to Mineralties
  • A mineralite sorcerer bloodline for anyone to use
  • Well over a dozen favored class options
  • 28 new feats for use with Mineralites
  • 23 new spells for spellcasting Mineralites
  • Roleplaying suggestions for playing a living gemstone
  • And much, much more!

This product is Starjammer Compatible!