The Lonely Coast

by Raging Swan Press

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The Lonely Coast

The Lonely Coast

A Pathfinder Roleplaying Game adventure locale by Creighton Broadhurst suitable for PCs level 1-5.

The furthest flung outpost of a mighty kingdom, turbulent waters and forbidding, trackless forests separate the folk of the Lonely Coast from the gaudy lights of civilisation. Pirates and slavers ply the southern storm-tossed waters while goblins and other foul things creep through the gloom of the Tangled Wood that seemingly chokes the forgotten holds and sacred places of the Old People. Deep within the forest, a narrow, rock-choked defile piled deep with shadow cuts through a nameless range of rugged, tree-shrouded hills birthing dark, fearsome legends of terrifying monsters and glittering, doom-laden treasures. The perils of the Lonely Coast are legion and thus there is always a need for those with stout hearts and skill with blade and spell or for those merely hungry for glory to defend humanitys most tenuous enclave.

The Lonely Coast is the default setting for Retribution, a Pathfinder Roleplaying Game adventure by Creighton Broadhurst for four 1st-level PCs

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