The Secrets of Alchemy for 5th Edition

by Fat Goblin Games

Fat Goblin Games



The Secrets of Alchemy for 5th Edition

The Secrets of Alchemy for 5th Edition

Alchemy is seldom understood, but frequently put to use. Many alchemists, both accomplished and otherwise, take advantage of the benefits of secret formulas and chemical concoctions. Though most adventures would remain content with simply purchasing these alchemical products from vendors of potions and oils, some may desire to create them from rare reagents.

In this product you will find simple and no nonsense rules for crafting alchemical items, as well as new alchemical creations, feats, magic items, and a background to help with the creation and use of alchemy. The current system is simple, and the use and creation of alchemical items should be too! Enjoy this simplified but effective treatise on rudimentary alchemy.

Learn about:

  • The Alchemists Supplies
  • Gathering Materials
  • New Alchemist feats and spells
  • The Alternate Feature: Alchemist's Brotherhood
  • The Archetype: Wizards Tradition
  • Alchemical Spell Components
  • Spell Substitution
  • New and amazing alchemical items!