Heart of the Razor (PFRPG)

by Frog God Games

Frog God Games



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Heart of the Razor (PFRPG)

Note: There are two options available, PFRPG (Pathfinder) and S&W (Swords & Wizardry.) Be sure to choose the rules format you prefer.

The Heart of the Razor includes four amazing new adventures from industry megastars!

1. Jungle Fever - An adventure for (3-5) 11th-12th level characters

Jungle Fever is an island hopping adventure of greed, betrayal, and undead vengeance.

Written by Owen KC Stephens

2. Angry Waters - An adventure for 10th level characters

The Tulita elders remember the reign of Lakano Muathe Red Misery through the old chants passed down from generation to generation. The red dragons wings blotted out the sun for a hundred years, and his fire and those of his children reduced entire tribes to cinders.

Written by Richard Pett

3. Sinful Whispers - An adventure for (4-6) 5th level characters

Sinful Whispers is an adventure of full of rescue, redemption, and the ancient terrors of a forgotten age.

Written by Tom Knauss

4. Black Spot - An adventure for 5th level characters

Gather round, lads, and listen close, or you'll have the devil to pay! There are terrors upon the sea worse than breaking waves and lashing winds. Be wary in your wandering and wayfaring that you never travel with a man who bears the black spot upon his flesh, dark as the ace of spades. The tales you've been told are false, lads! The black spot does not spell doom to those who bear it. It brings terror and ruin upon whoever sails with the marked!

Written by Gary McBride, critically acclaimed author of Way of the Wicked adventure path for EVIL characters!