Path of War: Warder

by Dreamscarred Press

Dreamscarred Press



Tags: Class Options classes fantasy Feats Pathfinder 1e Pathfinder 1st Edition

Path of War: Warder

Let slip the hounds of war!

The rock upon which the sea breaks. The shield that stops the horde. The flash of lightning steel that deflects the killing blow. The warder is all of these and many more. He is the guardian who keeps his allies alive. In this installment of Path of War you will find the warder base class, four martial disciplines with a multitude of strikes, counters, boosts, and stances, new feats, and the complete maneuver combat system!

Path of War is a series of releases focused on a maneuver-based combat system, with the warder being the protector and tactician of The Path of War. All releases will eventually be compiled into a single printed book.

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