Mythic Treasures

by Legendary Games

Legendary Games



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Mythic Treasures

Treasures Fit for a Legend

Legendary adventures deserve truly legendary treasures, and Mythic Treasures brings you a spectacular set of over 60 magnificent magic items to adorn your Pathfinder Roleplaying Game campaign. Each one offers exciting and dynamic options drawn from myth, legend, literature, and gaming history, like the dread fangs of the hydra, aeromancer’s heart, and yoke of the brazen bull, including an array of items inspired by cultures around the world like the crane kimono, hei matau amulet, and funerary pyramid. Every item has detailed powers and effects for heroes of every level, but all have additional abilities that can be unlocked only by those mighty mythic adventurers with the touch of destiny. You’ll find amazing armor, wonderful weapons, potent rings, rods, and wondrous items, and an array of awesome artifacts too. Plus, you’ll find a bonus section devoted to new legendary item abilities like mighty servant and soul drinker, along with advice for integrating mythic magic items into a non-mythic campaign, and more! Grab this amazing 56-page book of wonders and Make Your Game Legendary!