100 Oddities for a Graveyard

by Skirmisher Publishing LLC

Skirmisher Publishing LLC



Tags: Encounters Settings System-free Universal Worldbuilding

100 Oddities for a Graveyard

As roleplaying sites go, graveyards are a classic, and can play a part in just about any type of game. As long as characters adventure and people die, there will be graveyards. Fantasy, historical, urban, modern, horror, and even sci-fi or post-apocalyptic games can all benefit from the occasional introduction of a graveyard — and we have the Oddities to help you “flesh” them out.

So what is an oddity? Oddities make you ask questions. Why is that thing there? What is it for? Who would do that? Sometimes they are situational. A body might be an oddity, but not in a graveyard, where you probably will find more than one (heck, in a graveyard, you probably wouldn’t even remember how many bodies you stumbled across). But a body that has been jointed, set up in a sitting position, eyes sewn open and arms and legs stacked neatly in its lap like cordwood, will stand out. Oddities should be remembered.

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