Dark Waters Rising

by Raging Swan Press

Raging Swan Press



Tags: adventure fantasy Pathfinder 1e Pathfinder 1st Edition

Dark Waters Rising

A Pathfinder Roleplaying Game compatible adventure for 5th-level PCs by Ron Lundeen

Catastrophe strikes the frontier village of Swallowfeld! With a grinding groan, the town's mill slews into the Kilian River and breaks through the ceiling of an ancient subterranean dungeon. This accident frees a long-imprisoned evil to prey upon the shocked townsfolk. When several Swallowfeld residents some innocent and some not so innocent are spirited away into the rapidly flooding dungeon, it falls to a brave group of heroes to venture underground and rescue the missing before dark, rising waters seal their fate.

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"The layout is phenomenal…This is a great 4 to 6 hour module that can easily be expanded with a creative DM. There are not a lot of twists and turns, but the heart racing pacing makes this a blast to play through."

-Nathan C (five stars)

"All in all a well written, fast paced adventure with an emphasis on a stress filled rescue operation against an entrenched enemy with the advantage of home field in their favour. Bringing to the table all of the great things about a classic dungeon trek without bogging down to deep into unnecessary side paths, this is a focused and well handled adventure, and one that could easily give a playgroup a great night of fun. Well worth the price of admission, and an easily given 5 star rating!"

-KTFish (five stars)

"For me personally, I still will settle on 5 stars for this nail-biting, old-schoolish and fast-paced dungeon-crawl."

-Endzeigeist (five stars)

"Bottom Line: a very good, very contained adventure that could easily be played in one session. Worth your purchase, especially if you use any of the other Raging Swan products."

-Eric O (four stars)