The Gamemaster's Cartographer's Companion

by Fat Goblin Games

Fat Goblin Games



The Gamemaster's Cartographer's Companion

The design journal for the serious cartographer.

The Cartographer’s Companion is the premier map journal for Gamemasters, Game Designers, and those who just love the art of Cartography. Each chapter provides an area for you to name the map location, write down notes, and of course draw out your map on the provided graph paper page.

Each chapter covers a different type of map and includes different types and scale-sized graph paper for your use. The last chapter of this book provides full spread graph paper of both squares and hexes for large terrain/dungeon, city, and world maps. We hope you enjoy this latest addition of our Gamemaster’s Journals, and look for more releases soon!

PDF Version : This version includes the 440 page version of the print book.