Castle Falkenstein: The Six-Sided Variations

by Fat Goblin Games

Fat Goblin Games



Castle Falkenstein: The Six-Sided Variations

The Six-Sided Variations: New Ways to Customize the Great Game

Please Don’t Faint!

The dastardly Professor Moriarty, head of the World Crime League, has introduced a variation for Castle Falkenstein using those most devilish of devices, dice! Throwing caution to the wind, we have decided to share these dice rolling rules with Hosts and Players of the Great Game on this side of the Faerie Veil! Rest assured, despite its use of dice, we promise The Six-Sided Variation still captures the spirit and charm of Castle Falkenstein and can only enhance play for those souls who are curious about New Europa but concerned by the lack of polyhedrals to roll.