DNH3 - The City of Talos (Complete Edition)

by Fat Goblin Games

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DNH3 - The City of Talos (Complete Edition)

Dark Naga Adventures presents: The City of Talos – The Complete Edition (5th Edition and OSR)

Coming off of his successful kickstarter, Kevin Watson brings you the third chapter in his Haunting of Hastur series! Because of the success of his kickstarter you gain some fabulous rewards to go along with your adventure!

City of Talos – An Adventure for character levels 8-10

Talos, a city of legend, focus of tales dating back to the First Age of Man—exotic and forbidden. Buried deep in the Formene, this lone gem of the subterranean realms has legends as tall as the mountains under which it lies. Scholars and sages know more: it is the capital of the Elven race of the subterranean realms, sealed off from the surface world, supported by smaller towns, trading nexuses, and the wealth of knowledge accumulated by the Formene Elves who ward it.

In this Land of Night, dozens of nations, formed from the Formene races, join the elves in a powerful confederation of trade, protection, and mining of the most valued metal—mithril.

Recently, a trading nexus was uncovered and explored. The leaders of Meawold want to restore contact with the Formene Elves and access mithril, other rare Formene metals, and minerals for the first time in two millennia.

The explorers of that trading nexus found letters and journals suggesting a vast, untapped wealth of gems, metal, and minerals, as well as forgotten cities full of treasure, some with magical wealth.

What waits in the Formene? Both the city of Talos and the Formene wilds offer incredible opportunities for adventure and wealth.

And also, incredible dangers.

This package includes:

  • CoT Adventure Book – 5th Edition – The complete adventure with fabulous art by Rick Hershey, Z. Man Zilla, Brandice Bos, Miranda Jean, Brian McCranie, Adam Schmidt
  • Cot Adventure Book - OSR Edition - The same great adventure but written with the Old School Roleplaying crowd in mind!
  • CoT Gazetteer Book – an in depth look at the City of Talos with detailed maps and information about the adventure setting
  • CoT Complete 5e Bestiary – All of your adversaries at a glance in this handy tome
  • CoT Maps and Illustration Book – Carefully rendered maps, detailed drawings of creatures and the environment, the Maps and Illustration book is a perfect reference for both you and your players.