Caster Prestige Archetype: Tattooed Mystic


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Caster Prestige Archetype: Tattooed Mystic

Tattooed mystics are renowned for both the artistry with which they adorn their bodies and the powerful magic they summon from these markings. Many learn the ways of tattooing from their forebears, the craft having been passed down through generations.

Prestige Class: Tattooed mystic

Build Classes: The tattooed mystic is built on the wizard, but the following alternate build classes are described below: arcanist, druid, psychic, sacerdote, sorcerer, or witch.

Role: Tattooed mystics develop a magic different from other spellcasters, but to their team they fulfill much the same role as any mage.

A sample character will be later added at levels 1, 5, 10, 15 to this file.