Oracle Mysteries of Porphyra


Purple Duck Games

PDF / Pathfinder

Oracle Mysteries of Porphyra

Mysteries of the Oracles… on the Patchwork Planet of Porphyra!

From around the embers of the dying campfire, we could see a strange light… les of a light than a darker darkness, like a fire that gave off dark. It came from a man, a stranger, and he came up to the camp, bold as you please.

“What do you want?” says I, but I couldn’t say another word- his eyes glowed black, like two pits that somethin’ else was seein’ out of!”

The oracle class includes individuals wounded by the power of their visions, as their mortal forms cannot fully bear the weight of the Mysteries that they act upon, but driven by the forces that thrust upon them as well as the ones they choose, the oracle thrives. Come, get Oracle Mysteries of Porphyra and meet five new oracle mysteries from the Patchwork Planet of Porphyra, written by Carl Cramer and published by Purple Duck Games! Discover the form-improving Ascension mystery, the force-producing Nimbus mystery, the heaven-seeking Celestial mystery and its dark brother the hellish Infernal Mystery; and to round the list out, the Pontifex mystery seeking to achieve the same power as the dimension-spanning Calling!

Get the fully detailed mysteries within Oracle Mysteries of Porphyra from the oracular optimists at Purple Duck Games and explore the Gods-challenging power of the unfathomable oracle! Our games are what you want…