The Raider


Purple Duck Games

PDF / Pathfinder

The Raider

Whether a-horse or at sea, thrilling adventure with the unstoppable Raider!

From the pen of Sasha Hall and published by Purple Duck Games, a new 20-level class The Raider uses the new mechanic of grandstanding, inflicting penalties upon melee targets according to the prideful raider’s fury and spite, and the cowardice the target shows. Evoking warriors of a myriad martial traditions, the raider is a fascinating new martial class.

The Raider includes all of the rules for this 20-level class, 8 archetypes including the Amazon and the Treasure Hunter, and racial archetypes too, like the half-human Pit-blooded of Jheriak! Eight new feats, 4 new magic items, and all of the favored class bonuses for PDG-inclusive races makes the product a must. Get The Raider today from the professorial professors at Purple Duck Games, where our games are what you want!