Vigilantes of Horror II


Purple Duck Games

PDF / Pathfinder

Vigilantes of Horror II

The Monsters are Coming for you… and there’s Nothing you can do about it!

Vigilantes of Horror 2 is here!

Stories and legends from not that long ago, of twisted craftsmen, hostile organisms from outer space, unkillable killers and monsters, tortured souls whose art is their only release… Vigilantes of Horror! Would you like to play or pursue the Blob, The Phantom of the Opera, Freddy Kruger, Jason or the 50 foot Tall Woman? Then get a copy of Aaron Hollingsworth’s sequel to the popular Vigilantes of Horror- Part 2, from Purple Duck Games! Within you will find horror vigilantes who straddle the line between good and evil… the creepy Doll Master, acidic Glaub, macabre Grotesque, frightening Inexorable Killer, spooky Witchspawn, nightmarish Nightmare Prowler, unfathomable Strange Invader and Terrifying Towering Terror!

Horror vigilantes pursue unique goals and motivations that will intrigue your players and change the way you play the game… In addition, Vigilantes of Horror 2 supplements your play with creative motivational vendettas, more horror social talents, vigilante talents, bizarre eldritch and haunted items for game hooks, and five new weapon qualities to up the ante of for your game.

Get Vigilantes of Horror 2 – before it’s too late, from the frustrated fiends at Purple Duck Games- where our games are what you want!