The Village of Swallowfeld

by Raging Swan Press

Raging Swan Press



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The Village of Swallowfeld

A Pathfinder Roleplaying Game supplement for PCs level 1-5 by Creighton Broadhurst

The village of Swallowfeld stands hard against the turbulent waters of the Lonely Coast and the forbidding depths of a trackless, primeval forest. A hard, frontier place hemmed in by danger without and threatened by a lurking darkness within the village is in dire need of doughty protectors.

This 37-page, extensively bookmarked PDF presents detailed information on village life as well as ten locations and twelve NPCs of note. A GM can use the village as the perfect base from which neophyte adventurers can explore the surrounding area or as a waystop on the road to adventure. Although Swallowfelds default location is the Lonely Coast (a free 30-page, extensively bookmarked PDF) it is easy to include in any GMs campaign.

This ZIP file now includes two versions of Swallowfeld, one optimized for printing and use on a normal computer and one optimized for use on a mobile device such as an iPad. You can learn more about Raging Swan's Dual Format PDF initiative at


(5 stars) "What I really enjoy about this product is there's a wealth of information for game masters. Tons of fleshed out NPCs, a good number of hooks, a nice detailed map, handouts for players.

--Ben Gerger, RPG Now Featured Reviewer

(4 stars) "The formatting is concise, the editing top-notch (I didn't find a single mistake/typo) and the pdf is printer-friendly. The artwork is b/w and very nice to look at and serves to underline the old-school & old-world-feel of the supplement.


(5 stars) "And a village is what you get with this product! Swallowfeld is a great launching pad for your PFRPG campaigns. The publisher has tons of downloadable content to boost this products value at where you can also find the free downloadable campaign setting Swallowfeld is set in. Swallowfeld is a village that could be dropped in to just about any campaign setting you can think of with minimal modification if any needed. There are tons of NPCs, adventure and encounter ideas, and more.

--Darren Ehler

(5 stars) "This work contains a wonderfully-detailed coastal village, somewhere in the back of beyond, that is a place your characters could visit in their travels, maybe use as a base... or it might even be their hometown, from which they launched a career as adventurers. It's located in Raging Swan's Lonely Coast setting, but readily adaptable to being placed in your own campaign world if preferred.

--Megan Robertson