Strange Bedfellows (d20)

by Frog God Games

Frog God Games



Tags: adventure fantasy old school osr Swords & Wizardry

Strange Bedfellows (d20)

Note: This is the Swords & Wizardry version.

A circus show erupts in mayhem when goblinoids crash the performance, slaughtering performers and audience members alike. PCs investigate the attack, leading them into an ancient dungeon and uncovering ancient secrets and harbored grudges. Their decisions affect the politics and economics of three unique towns. Strange Bedfellows is a d20 adventure for 4-6 PCs of level 2 or higher and includes three fully-developed towns, numerous unique NPCs who offer an extensive assortment of side quests, and a wide range of challenging opponents. Uncover ancient evils and secrets while discovering the reason for the attack at the circus. Fight unique monsters. Make decisions that affect the long-term politics and economics of three towns.