Canada's Combined Security Reconnaissance Section

by Sword's Edge Publishing

Sword's Edge Publishing



Tags: 3rd Edition/3e Modern

Canada's Combined Security Reconnaissance Section

Smaller and more secretive than JTF-2, the CSRS is Canada's newest special operations force. Too bad they're completely fictional.

Following the fashion of SEP's Covert Forces, this supplement outlines the background and organization of the fictional Combined Security Reconnaisance Section. Need to know how to get into this secretive special operations force? It's here. What does your character carry when on an extended patrol? Check out the Extended Operation Kit. How about the Colt Canada C8 SFW stats? Oh yeah, that's here too. This supplement is packed with everything you need to fashion a character from Canada's fictional finest.

And that means more than just a cup of Timmy's coffee and a hockey stick.

This product includes the complete PDF, a printer-friendly PDF devoid of illustrations and an RTF file with the open game content.

Please note, the above joke vis a vis Timmy's and hockey is not meant to infer that all Canadians play hockey or only drink coffee from a specific establishment. Heck, I can barely skate . Were we following Canadian stereotypes, we'd mention beer, eh?

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