Centurion: Legionaries of Rome

by Sword's Edge Publishing

Sword's Edge Publishing



Tags: Fantasy

Centurion: Legionaries of Rome

March with the legions against the enemies of Rome in this role-playing game of military adventures.

In Centurion: Legionaries of Rome, players play scouts, spies, or special troops marching under the eagle of Rome. The book supports games in the Late Republic (from the Second Punic War to the rise of Gaius Marius), the Civil Wars (from Marius to Augustus), the Principate (from Augustus to the Crisis of the Third Century) and the Third Century, when order collapsed, warlords rose, and the Empire divided, providing ideas for characters and adventures. Face the army of Hannibal, track down Vercingetorix for Caesar, fight the dreaded Germanic menace with the armies of Marcus Aurealius, or try to save a shattered empire during the third century crisis as a legionary of Rome.

Whether you know Rome from textbooks or movies, Centurion offers your characters the chance to be part of history, and perhaps change it to suit their whims.

The rules system for Centurion is light, focused on allowing players to create evocative characters using narrative description tied to mechanical benefits. The book includes the game system, adventure and campaign design, play suggestions, advice on running a military campaign, and then discussions of four eras of play.

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