Player Paraphernalia #92 The Magician (New Archetypes

by The Knotty-Works

The Knotty-Works



Tags: Archetypes Fantasy Pathfinder 1e Pathfinder 1st Edition SRD Enhanced

Player Paraphernalia #92 The Magician (New Archetypes

The Magician, New Archetypes

This issue introduces three new non-arcane archetypes. Rather, these archetypes focus on the craft of the magician: prestidigitation and legerdemain. There is the Stage Magician for the bard that uses his ability to tell astounding stories while performing amazing feats of misdirection and death defying stunts. The Street Magician for the monk prefers to use his skills of agility and mental acuity to trick even the most vigilant of observers of his close up magic. And then there is the beguiler, taking the craft into the unsavory realm of the rogue. The prestidigitation Perform skill is also defined for use with these unique archetypes.

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