Libram of the First Language: Truename Magic Reborn FREE PREVIEW

by Interjection Games

Interjection Games



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Libram of the First Language: Truename Magic Reborn FREE PREVIEW

This free preview document contains everything necessary to play the truenamer class by Interjection Games through level 3.

This new truenamer's design focuses on the following main points.

The truenamer features a skill-based casting system based on the level of the spell to be cast, not the HD of the target to be affected. This removes the lingering uncertainty of whether or not the next combat will include an enemy that is effectively impossible to cast upon.

Checks made to cast spells resemble concentration checks rather than skill checks, thus eliminating the need to build in safeguards against players who find ways to get +50 to skill checks by level 10. There is no longer the inherent need to be a powergamer or be useless.

Inflections, the system's metamagic equivalent, do not simply add +20 to the skill check needed to cast the spell. Instead, the DC increase is more modest, but the DC of that particular spell increases sharply for the rest of the day. Players must choose whether they want a few boosted uses of their favorite spells or many unboosted uses, thus making every round potentially very important for the rest of the day.

Reversible spells, the absolute coolest part of the classic truenamer, have been salvaged and are present in the largest two of the four codices presented in this product.