Zobeck Gazetteer

by Kobold Press

Kobold Press



Tags: Campaign Setting Clockwork fantasy Pathfinder 1e Pathfinder 1st Edition Steampunk

Zobeck Gazetteer

The Zobeck Gazetteer brings award-winning designer Wolfgang Baur's Free City of Zobeck to life for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game!

This is where the campaign setting of Midgard was born: in the twisted alleys of the Kobold Ghetto, the schools of clockwork magic, and the ticking hearts of the gearforged PC race. Anyone looking for a new and different setting will find a clockpunk city forged in the fires of revolt, with monsters and magic drawn from the dark folktales of medieval Eastern Europe plus details of devils, kobold kings, and plots galore!

This massively expanded edition of the Zobeck Gazetteer includes material from dozens of sources, collecting all this in one invaluable reference:

  • New Clockwork and Lust domains for Pathfinder RPG
  • A complete writeup of the city's Arcane Collegium
  • New details of the gods of Zobeck
  • Gypsy magic, gear, and feats
  • Dozens of spells for star and shadow magic
  • All-new feats, relics, and magic items
  • Plus a clockwork wizard school!

Illustrated with beautiful city maps by Sean Macdonald, the gazetteer format provides just enough detail to incorporate Zobeck into any fantasy campaign without being overwhelming.

Come on down to the crossroads and try your luck!