Convergent Paths: Students of Arcanum Archetypes

by Rite Publishing

Rite Publishing



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Convergent Paths: Students of Arcanum Archetypes

Time to go back to school... Wizarding School!

Want your wizard to have a background in the schools of magic more akin to the magic school on the island of Roke (Earthsea), The University of Arcanists (Kingkiller Chronicle), or even Hogwarts (Harry Potter)? Well look no further! Convergent Paths: Students of ArcanumArchetypes gives you three new wizard archetypes, 4 new spells, and six new traits to bring this type of background to life!

Enjoy archetypes like those that come from House Nethervault, brooding wizards who have a morbid fascination with the forbidden magics, secret languages, and dark otherworldly patrons. Become a Glamerforged Wizard using dramatic spells and castings combined with amazing scroll to show that magic is an art not a science, expressing yourself though creative spellcasting! Or join the ranks of the Dweomerdenwho devote their studies to practical applications of arcane magic, impacting the daily lives of wizards and their allies.

Brought you by the same designer that brought you the best-selling and critically acclaimed #30 Variant Dragons and 101 Simple Archetypes. This collection brings you inspired and elegant option to bring your wizard's scholarly background to life!