100 Oddities for a Pilgrimage Trail

by Skirmisher Publishing LLC

Skirmisher Publishing LLC



Tags: Encounters Settings System-free Universal Worldbuilding

100 Oddities for a Pilgrimage Trail

For thousands of years — and especially since the era of the Middle Ages — people have been prompted to undertake spiritual journeys of various sorts and this concept in general, and the desire to help facilitate and inspire such quests, was the motivation for the creation of this universal sourcebook.

This system-free thematic guide contains an annotated list of 100 people, objects, conditions, or other things that characters might encounter on a trail dedicated to the veneration of some deity, demigod, hero, saint, or religion. It also contains a subtable for determining the characteristics of roadside markers and more than 60 illustrations by artists Stann, Amanda Kahl, and Brenda Cass, including two original full-page images.

As with other “Oddities” volumes, the contents of this book can be used in many different ways and in any manner that suits a particular storyteller and the needs of their game. All of the entries can be used separately or in conjunction with one another to add evocative details to a pilgrimage trail or any other route and can even be used as the basis for travel-based adventures.

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