Class Expansions - Onmyoji Archetypes

by Interjection Games

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Class Expansions - Onmyoji Archetypes

Class Expansions - Onmyoji Archetypes

Just as there are infinite kami, there are infinite ways to venerate them.

Class Expansions - Onmyoji Archetypes introduces two archetypes for Endzeitgeist top 10 of 2015 nominee The Onmyoji - A Japanese Occult Diviner, including one that, by popular demand, gets rid of the onmyoji's ever-present pet.

  • Grinning Fox - A many-tailed trickster who aligns himself with the kitsune, the grinning fox archetype does away with an onmyoji's shikigami, electing instead to obtain a larger spirit pool and a battery of sneaky spell-like abilities through excessive dipping into the Magical Tail feat.
  • Herald of the Lucky God - One of the onmyoji's more amusing features was Friendship feats, each aligned with one of the Seven Lucky Gods. The herald of the lucky god chooses one of the Seven, to the exclusion of the others, thus gaining abilities in line with his patron. From gaining influence over a tiny pocket of hammerspace to going berserk whenever your readied actions don't come to fruition, the Seven Lucky Gods have quirky abilities to fit most who would supplicate themselves before them. [Author's Note: Jurojin wanted to let you all know that he's willing to make a really good deal in exchange for your worship given that he has no real congregation. I'd take him up on that if I were you.]