Lovecraftian People and Places

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Lovecraftian People and Places

It's Howard's World

For more than fifty years, Ken Faig, Jr. has been a leading scholar and researcher on the life and work of H. P. Lovecraft. Over the decades he has made landmark discoveries that have clarified many aspects of Lovecraft’s life, ancestry, and the influence of his personal experiences upon his weird fiction. In this new volume of essays, Faig continues his pioneering work in illuminating the obscurer corners of the people and places associated with the writer from Providence, R.I.

A long piece on Lovecraft’s English ancestry—his paternal forbears came from the county of Devonshire, in the southwest corner of England—traces the Lovecraft or Lovecroft name back to the 15th century. An essay on Lovecraft’s uncle by marriage, Edward F. Gamwell, clarifies how this figure influenced his nephew’s early writing. Faig also writes detailed histories of Lovecraft’s first two residences in Providence, 454 and 598 Angell Street.

Ken Faig, Jr. uses all the research tools at his disposal—from early maps of Providence to census records to tidbits found in Lovecraft’s extant letters—to paint a fuller portrait of Lovecraft and his world, enriching our understanding of the man and his work. All essays have been revised for publication in this collection.

Trade paperback, 354 pages, featuring a foreword by S.T. Joshi.