Town And City Building Tiles

by Dungeons By Dan

Dungeons By Dan

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Town And City Building Tiles

Transform your tabletop role-playing games into a bustling metropolis with the Town & City Buildings map pack. With 68 pre-made buildings and 40 double-sided cards, you can bring your city to life with ease. Choose from a variety of fantasy structures, including alchemists, taverns, libraries, hospitals, and more. With 21 paths and 7 marketplace patches, you can create a lively and thriving town in just minutes.

Step into a world of imagination with the Town & City Buildings map pack. The 68 pre-made buildings are designed with stone, wood, and dirt flooring to give your city a unique and realistic feel. From the bustling marketplaces to the quiet cobblestone roads, this pack has everything you need to bring your city to life.

Each card is 9"x9" with a muted 10x10 grid, making it perfect for RPG miniatures. Whether you prefer to play with a grid system or without, the Town & City Buildings maps will work seamlessly with your setup. See the previews for mini size examples and get inspired for your next gaming session.

Don't let spills and scratches ruin your game. Each print is coated with a high-quality Satin UV Coating for scratch and water resistance, ensuring your maps will last for many campaigns to come. Clean up is effortless with just a damp cloth.