100 Oddities for a Chaotic Mutation

by Skirmisher Publishing LLC

Skirmisher Publishing LLC



Tags: Encounters Settings System-free Universal Worldbuilding

100 Oddities for a Chaotic Mutation

There are actually a lot more than 100 mutations contained in this 30-page manual for making mutants, as many of the entries in the d100 table have multiple sub-entries. It also includes four sub-tables that can be used in conjunction with the mutations to generate literally an infinite number of mutants suitable for use with any modern, sci-fi, post-apocalyptic, or horror role-playing games, making it a complete system-neutral mutant generation system.

Oddities are things that stand out from the ordinary, and make players and storytellers alike wonder about them. You may find an oddity lying abandoned on a worktable, gathering dust on a library shelf, or even half-concealed under rubble in a lair, cave, or basement. Oddities awaken curiosity and creativity, making encounters more interesting and compelling, or even making one out of nothing.

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