100 Oddities for a Wizard's Tower

by Skirmisher Publishing LLC

Skirmisher Publishing LLC



Tags: Encounters Settings System-free Universal Worldbuilding

100 Oddities for a Wizard's Tower

Oddities are the details that can transform a 10’x10’ room into a memorable encounter. Of course we still need you, the storyteller, but oddities lists are your little helper. You provide the big items like critters, adversaries, mustachioed villains, history, treasure, and context, while we give you the bits and bobs of a setting — which can enhance any encounter or hijack it for a hard left turn or even an about face — depending on what you and your players do with them.

Oddities can be mundane or magical, trivial, obtuse, unusual, unsettling, even horrifying, and can be very difficult for a lot of storytellers to come up with off the cuff. You might be great at ad-libbing dialogue, could flawlessly remember monster stats, or may be a whiz at just making up creatures on the spot. But coming up with the minutiae that clutter a wizard’s bookshelves, or lie in the dirt under the feet of the onrushing zombie horde, is better done in advance.

With this book, you can actually design the Wizard’s Tower as you generate the oddities, because we have included bonus materials in the form of two extra tables of goodness: d20 cool Wizardly Tower Rooms, and d12 Methods of Egress to and from them. So you can roll up rooms, the ways to get between them, and the oddities that can be found in them, effectively creating the geography of your Wizard’s Tower as you roll.

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