Four Horsemen Present: Mythic Archetypes

by Rogue Genius Games

Rogue Genius Games



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Four Horsemen Present: Mythic Archetypes

Four Horsemen Present: Mythic Archetypes

In conjunction with and Rogue Genius Games, the Four Horsemen present a new set of archetypes, tailored to take "Mythic" to a whole new level.

Mythic heroes are a diverse lot, from the children of death gods to the last scion of an all but extinct civilization. Why should two vastly different backgrounds produce the same mythic potential? Mythic Archetypes seeks to revisit the assumed conventions, granting additional alternatives to every mythic hero. These nine new heroic archetypes from Adaptable or Elemental, to Fiendish or Undying, provide a wider range of options for your mythic campaign!

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