100% Crunch: Liches

by Raging Swan Press

Raging Swan Press



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100% Crunch: Liches

A Pathfinder Roleplaying Game GM's Resource supplement by Julian Neale

Got bored with the normal version of a monster and fancy spicing things up a bit? Want to include imaginative and interesting versions of an iconic fantasy monster but don't have the time to build the stat block yourself? Fear not - the 100% Crunch line is here to save the day! Each instalment in the line features dozens of ready-to-go stat blocks of an iconic monster at a wide range of CRs.

This instalment of 100% Crunch presents 42 liches (CRs 12-20) for the time-crunched GM to immediately utilise in game.


'This series continues to do nothing but impress me, and the addition of this PDF to the line really raises the bar, as there are some excellent builds in here, with some truly new concepts for what we consider the lich to be… A well deserved and fully earned 5 star rating for an excellent product that I can guarantee will bring hours, and I do mean hours, of evilness to any table. A welcome addition to any collection, and well worth the price of admission folks.'

-KTFish7 (five stars)

'I do have to give credit to the book's author for really mixing it up with his choices. While it's obvious in theory that there are so many combinations of races, classes, and lich templates to apply, it's something to see some of them here. A human ranger forsaken lich, an ancient green dragon lich, a dwarf oracle lich, and others are here - though for you purists, there are plenty of more down-to-earth liches here as well, including the basic human wizard lich. Overall, the book is a good one if you're worried about sitting down and making a lich character from scratch.'

-Alzrius (four stars)

'A timesaver beyond timesavers, this pdf is much, much more useful than its predecessors due to the significantly more complex nature of the creatures covered - oh, and it is longer, too! Author Julian Neale has also taken the high road of not recycling spell-lists and instead offers us a diverse and yet viable selection of magical arrays for the undead menaces.'

-Endzeitgeist (four stars)