Sorrowblight Fields- A Swords & Wizardry Mini-Dungeon

by Creation's Edge Games

Creation's Edge Games



Tags: adventure Adventure (Levels 1-5) fantasy Swords & Wizardry

Sorrowblight Fields- A Swords & Wizardry Mini-Dungeon

Creation's Edge Games Presents:

Sorrowblight Fields: A Swords & Wizardry Mini-Dungeon

For 4-6 Adventurers of Levels 1-3

A strange disease is spreading quickly across the farmlands, devastating the local crops. And now there's news of goblins being spotted in the hills to the west. Is there some connection between the goblins and this blight?

Sorrowblight Fields is the first of a series of mini-dungeons designed to drop into existing adventures or campaigns. Use them as side quests or a way of getting in a quick adventure when you're short on time.

This adventure is part of our Dungeons of Dazegoneby series, a new line of products created with ‘old school' gaming in mind. If you like this adventure watch for other Dungeons of Dazegoneby mini-dungeons coming soon.

Mini-Dungeon Module D1: Sorrowblight Fields is compatible with the Swords & Wizardry rules available for download through this site.