Publisher Guidelines

Publisher Guidelines

In order to be as successful as we possibly can be in selling your products, we need to operate on a "level playing field" with other retail locations your products may also be available at. That is, we need to be able to offer your products at the same prices, at the same time, and with the same perks that you offer elsewhere.

  • Pricing: Please price your titles at our store as you do anywhere else, including your own webstore or at other retailers. Occasional short term price differences are acceptable but titles consistently found "on sale" elsewhere is considered a violation of this agreement. Including extra or bonus content for no extra cost in versions available elsewhere is considered a violation of this agreement.
  • Release Schedule: When you release new products please make them available at our store at the same time you release them elsewhere. Consistently doing otherwise or an egregious length of time between products being released elsewhere and in our store may result in your products being removed from the Open Gaming Store.
  • Hyperlinks: Please do not include links to other stores or retail outlets within a product's descriptive text and we will remove any we discover. Hyperlinks may be included on a case-by-case basis. Repeated attempts to redirect customers to other retail locations is considered a violation of this agreement.
  • Thumbnail Images: Product cover thumbnail images may not be animated, including Flash animations, and may not include content of an offensive nature. We retain the right to disallow cover graphic images for any reason. Cover images with such content will not be allowed, and therefore by extension, such products will also be disallowed.
  • Adult Content: Products available in our store may not be of an explicitly "adult" nature. The definition of "adult" varies from region to region and person to person but a general guideline is that explicit sexual acts, either visually or textually represented, graphic portrayals of sexual acts, gratuitous nudity, excessive gore, violence, torture, or similar content, are not considered acceptable. We reserve the right to disallow content in the store for any reason.
  • Product Reviews: Do not review your own products or have people associated with your or your company review your products. This includes anyone with a professional relationship with you (for example authors, illustrators, etc.) Do not review competitors products.

We believe that if we cooperate on the above points we can be very successful in helping you grow your business.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter!

Premier Partner Program

We have set up a special "partnership" program we refer to as Premier Partners.

First, what do I get for being a "Premier Partner"?

  • Shared Statistics We share key SRD usage statistics and "generalized" sales trend data with Premier Partners every month in order to help you better plan potential future products.
  • Placement in Premier Partner Collection Any product which qualifies is added to the Premier Partners Collection which is the group of products shown on the main page of the store.
  • Preferential Placement for Widgets When I am adding "Buy Now" widgets to (or elsewhere) Premier Partners have priority both in terms of placement on the page, and in terms of if a widget will be placed at all. That is, if there is only room for one widget on a page, the Premier Partner gets it.

What do I have to do to be a "Premier Partner"?

  • Internal Linking: If you use the online linking tool we have developed ( to embed hyperlinks inside your products to one of the SRD sites we manage
  • Early releases: Other online retailers have specific guidelines which will penalize you if you are found to be offering products elsewhere earlier than at their outlet. However, their terms indicate that a product made available in other outlets not more than 24 hours before their outlet is acceptable. Therefore, a product can qualify if it is released in our store a day earlier than other retail channels.