Publisher Information

The following information is intended to explain certain rules and requests of vendors that distribute content via the Open Gaming Store.

Premier Partners Program

Premier Partners are publishers and vendors who agree to keep their product catalogs up-to-date with their other sales channels, as well as at least one of the following:

Requirements for Premier Partners

  • Internal Linking: You embed hyperlinks within your digital product(s) to one of the SRD sites we manage. We have created a special web application you can use to do this more easily (see
  • Special Promotions: You run special promotions unique to the Open Gaming Store on a recurring basis, such as special sales, early releases, or other similar concepts.

What do I get as a Premier Partner?

  • Free Adverting in the Open Gaming Newsletter You can promote your products in the Open Gaming Store or other special promotions (except those running at competing stores) at NO COST.
  • Placement in Premier Partner Collection Your products appear in the Premier Partners Collection which is shown on the main/front page of the store.
  • Preferential Placement for Buy Now Widgets The space for "Buy Now" widgets, which appear on the various SRD websites that make up the Open Gaming Network, is limited and Premier Partners have priority both in terms of placement on the page, and in terms of if a widget will be placed at all.
  • Links to your catalog on the Open Gaming Network SRD websites.

General Requirements for all Publishers

In order to be as successful as we possibly can be in selling your products, we need to operate on a "level playing field" with other retail locations your products may also be available at. That is, we need to be able to offer your products at the same prices, at the same time, and with the same perks that you offer elsewhere.

  • Pricing: Please price your titles at our store as you do anywhere else, including your own webstore or at other retailers. Occasional short term price differences are acceptable but titles consistently found "on sale" elsewhere is considered a violation of this agreement. Including extra or bonus content for no extra cost in versions available elsewhere is considered a violation of this agreement.
  • Links to other Sales Channels: Please do not include links to other stores or retail outlets within a product's descriptive text and we will remove any we discover. Hyperlinks may be included on a case-by-case basis. Repeated attempts to redirect customers to other retail locations is considered a violation of this agreement.
  • Product Reviews: Do not review your own products or have people associated with your or your company review your products. This includes anyone with a professional relationship with you (for example authors, illustrators, etc.) Do not review competitors products.