100% Crunch: Zombies

by Raging Swan Press

Raging Swan Press



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100% Crunch: Zombies

A Pathfinder Roleplaying Game GM's Resource supplement by Julian Neale.

Got bored with the normal version of a monster and fancy spicing things up a bit? Want to include imaginative and interesting versions of an iconic fantasy monster but don't have the time to build the stat block yourself? Fear not - the 100% Crunch line is here to save the day! Each instalment in the line features dozens of ready-to-go stat blocks at a wide range or CRs of an iconic monster.

This instalment of 100% Crunch presents 86 zombies (CRs 1/2-9) for the time-crunched GM to immediately utilise in game.


'Editing and format are as to be expected from an excellent publisher like Raging Swan, and the layout adheres to the dual column format, with bookmarks and linked TOC. I can find nothing to complain about in terms of this product other than that I want MORE! The 100% Crunch series continues with a second excellent entry, and has again earned a 5 star rating. Well worth the price of admission folks, the sheer amount of time you'll save as a GM demands this product be a part of your arsenal. Combine this with the excellent So What's the Zombie Like Anyway and you have the recipe for one seriously memorable horde of flesh hungry undeath to unleash on your PCs.'

-KTFish7 (five stars)

'…there are a staggering number of pre-created zombies in this 39 page book spread across 30 pages of content…So if you're looking for some different zombies, 100% Crunch: Zombies has plenty of goodies to add to your toolbox.'

-Game Knight Reviews

'Editing and formatting are up to the stellar standard of near-perfection I've come to expect from Raging Swan Press. Layout adheres to RSP'S crisp and elegant 2-column b/w-standard and the pdf comes in two versions - one optimized for screen-use and one made for being printed out. Both pdfs are printer-friendly and fully bookmarked and the b/w-artworks are nice. How to rate this? Essentially, the 100%--crunch line is a godsend for beleaguered DMs lacking time. As those of you regularly following my reviews might know, I'm not a big fan of splatty books - and yet, this collection of zombie-stats and easily applicable templates, its supremely easy way of organizing the core-sources as well as the flawless stats practically require the verdict I'll give this pdf - 5 stars. Now if you REALLY want to utilize this book to the farthest reaches of its potential, be sure o get the STELLAR "So what's that Zombie like, anyways?" and perhaps "Dungeon Dressing: Corpses" for their victims and revel in the nice potential synergies between the three products, which are by no means required, but can make these pdfs rock even more.'

-Endzeitgiest (five stars)