1KWA1 - The Dark Hunters

by Total Party Kill Games

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Tags: Any system Fantasy Horror

1KWA1 - The Dark Hunters

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1KWA1 - The Dark Hunters by Jim Pinto

Four years ago, Captain Talis was demoted and exiled from the city of Florin. His behavior as a soldier had grown more and more deplorable and Talis’ commanders had had enough. Rather than tuck his tail and run, Captain Talis disappeared into the wild and trained a half-dozen or so orcs to fight. For months, they terrorized the countryside, until a group of brave adventurers dispatched Talis and all but two of the orcs — Gog and Magog.

Fleeing from the heroes, the pair found respite in an underground warren where monks had buried sacred dead over 400 years ago. Once inside, the orcs uncovered a partially-opened tomb and upon entering, triggered the wrath of an ancient spirit.

A small town — Quay — had grown over the warren since then, and no one living there knew anything about the burial chambers.

Until now.