3rd World

by High Rock Press

High Rock Press



Tags: Future HERO System Psionics Sci-Fi

3rd World

Mankind once looked to the stars and wondered what, or who, might be out there. But before they could go out and seek the answers, the answers came to them. Humanity endured the onslaught of a "Dark Alliance" that savaged the very planet, forever changing its face. Others born of the stars came to the planet's rescue, but at a terrible cost. These savior races have divided the globe among their own, leaving Native Earthlings second-class citizens on their own planet. Former nations have been portioned out among an alien government known as the "Co-Operative" and broken up beyond recognition. Human cultures have faded over the decades under the rule of this or that species. The resources of Earth are no longer its own but are used to line the proverbial pockets of the newcomers. Some of these aliens spoke of Earth as a holy land promised to them, others merely as a commodity. Some saw a chance for acceptance, and still others sought to help... even if their help is not always welcome.

Now it is the 23rd Century. Generations have passed where the Earth held not one, but many sentient species. The stars remain distant and, for most, inaccessible. It is on the Earth itself where colonists must craft their future. It is on this planet where the descendants of humanity must decide what of their past they hope to salvage. Wonders and terrors await them. Finally, the age of ashes has passed, and now comes a new world of clay that the brave and determined have a chance to shape. Earth is now used or ignored in turn. It is truly a 3rd World.

Will you let it remain so?


  • The rich history of Humanity, including the fate of its lost children and the war against the Dark Alliance.
  • The alien races of the squabbling Co-Operative. Here are the curious and brilliant F'Trana and the headstrong and passionate V'Sharl. Here are questing Drugan who require death so they might truly live, and the ruthless and material Razneeth. Learn also of the offspring of the defeated Dark Alliance, some of whom still live on Earth; be they the rapacious Murkot, the nihilistic Glastyx, or the doomed Volvant. And learn how each of these species isn't always so easy to label.

Study the numerous new dominions built on the bones of the United States and other countries of old Earth.

Perhaps you prefer the all too perfect F'Trana Utopian Projects, or wish to partake of the grand experiment of the Free Allied States? Maybe you will rebel against reptilian overlords in New Tianxia, or hope to escape from the aggro strip.

The drug that makes psychic powers possible, and how its presence on Earth is both a curse, and perhaps a salvation waiting to be utilized.

Mysteries and motives yet to be fully revealed in a world that mixes cyborgs and wastelands. A place that needs desperately heroes, but is not yet without hope.

Samples, examples, and suggestions to help you get started on your way.

3rd World is a setting for Star Hero 6th Edition, a genre book for the HERO System 6th Edition. The zip file includes both standard and printer friendly versions of the PDF.