A Lamentation of Thieves

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A Lamentation of Thieves

A Lamentation of Thieves

From the glistening waters of the Moonsilver Sea to the perilous Scar-In-The-Sky Peaks, the land of Hawkmoon is a haven of miscreants, highwaymen, and worse. Powerful, faceless figures plot for ultimate control, none as feared and beloved, dashing and deplorable as Sivian Ulphar, better known as the Lucre King. His agents have infiltrated every organization, his shadow has darkened every heart. Yet one man dares to defy him...

A Lamentation of Thieves is a collection of six adventures for characters of levels 1 to 12, each episode revealing a new and challenging region of Hawkmoon’s geography and drawing the characters deeper into the private war between two ancient enemies. From the nightmares of the Bonegarden to the decks of a doomed prison barge, the danger intensifies like a storm, at the center of which is a horrible secret, and a certain band of heroes. Contains new spells, feats, monsters, magic items, and martial arts.