AA: Plague of Paucity


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AA: Plague of Paucity

AA: Plague of Paucity

An adventure set in the Last Kingdom for four characters of 2nd level.

The mountainous lands of the Last Kingdom have long been home to dangerous oni and their foul servitors and kin, but the unification of the Saigoto under the enlightened rulership of the Five Truths has sent them scurrying back into darkness. For years since, they have kept the land shielded from harm. Yet even the great soldiers garrisoned across the Kingdom’s shores and roads cannot stop dissent from boiling up in the shadows. Not everyone embraces the edicts of the land—and while patient teachers, even the Five Truths have their limits. As growing numbers of lastfolk begin to question the traditions of the Last Kingdom, forces far more sinister, preying on the curiosities of mortals, have begun to emerge into the light...

Can the PCs discover and end a treacherous plot that threatens to destroy the relative peace of the Last Kingdom?

This adventure is set in the Lands of Porphyra Campaign Setting and is compatible will all our other purple-branded products.