Abyss of the Black Cloud

by Sword's Edge Publishing

Sword's Edge Publishing



Tags: 5th Edition Adventure (Mid-Level)

Abyss of the Black Cloud

In the dark inner sanctum of the Cult of the Black Cloud, the cultists breed monsters which they believe their holy figure – the Black Cloud or the Lord of Storms – will use to dominate the world. A band of adventurers seeks to survive the dangers of the abyss and end the evil machinations of worshipers of the doomsday in this dungeon crawl for Fifth Edition.

Abyss of the Black Cloud is an adventure for 3-5 player characters of levels 6-8, though it best played with 4 PCs of level 7.

The format of this adventure has the monsters listed without further information in the room description, with the monster's information blocks at the back of the PDF in the order in which they appear. A separate file is included with the monsters information provided in the order in which they appear so that it can be referenced while playing.