Advanced Feats: The Witch's Brew

by Kobold Press

Kobold Press



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Advanced Feats: The Witch's Brew

The Witchs Brew mixes together a cauldron full of feats and builds to create a witch character for Pathfinder Roleplaying Game that evokes the awe and dread of medieval folklore.

Created by Sigfried Trent, this 14-page book includes:

  • A breakdown of the Witch class
  • 30 new feats for witches including Craft Magic Tattoo, Usurp Spell and Familiar Reincarnation
  • Witch character builds: arch-witch, white witch and wicked witch!

Teach your enemies not to trifle with powers beyond their comprehension: get your copy of Advanced Feats: The Witchs Brew today!