AL 6 - Playing the Game


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AL 6 - Playing the Game


What dirty peasant hasn't wanted to turn his grubby copper into a shiny gold coin? The oddly-dressed stranger offered a friendly game, a tempting wager, what was the harm? But harm is definitely in the air when a pack of rubes stumble upon an extradimensional test of elemental loyalty! Can you make it through the tests of skill, arms and wits to achieve the Ultimate Prize?

Get Playing the Game from Purple Duck Games, an unorthodox 0th level 'funnel' for 16-20 0-level Dungeon Crawl Classics players, in that popular RPG from Goodman Games! Includes:

  • A 0th level 'funnel' adventure, scalable for play at any level of DCC
  • Full-sized map/gameboard
  • Rules for the fascinating board game 'Arbakampsi'
  • Three new Patrons and their accompanying spell rules and reasons for being part of an exciting DCC campaign.

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