AL 7 - The Elemental Lords Awaken! (DCC)


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AL 7 - The Elemental Lords Awaken! (DCC)

AL 7 - The Elemental Lords Awaken! (DCC)

After ages of abandonment, the stronghold of the Elemental Lords is found once more!

The forces of the four great Elemental Lords were cast down from their place of supremacy an age ago, their works destroyed and their followers scattered… but now, with the help of intrepid adventurers exploring their long-lost stronghold in search of treasure and glory, they will awaken!

AL 7: The Elemental Lords Awaken! is the latest release from Purple Duck Games for the popular Dungeon Crawl Classics game system. It can be played as a sequel to AL 6: Playing the Game (a 0-level funnel) or stand alone as an intriguing adventure for 1st level DCC characters.

The Elemental Lords Awaken! includes a great map, adventure for 1st level characters, rules for elemental imp familiars, and begins the quest for the powerful parts of the quadrelement key! The restored base can be used as a home-base for questing adventurers seeking to return the Lords to glory…get your copy of AL 7: The Elemental Lords Awaken! today, from the morose minions at Purple Duck Games!