Arcknight Maps : The Bandit Fortress

by Arcknight




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Arcknight Maps : The Bandit Fortress

The Bandit Fortress, an Arcknight Roleplaying BattleMap

Designed by Arcknight Games, this multi-page PDF gives you a series of maps that can be mixed and matched to create kind of wooden encampent in the dirt. From a hillside bunker to a large roadside outpost, and even the infamous "Bandit Fortress" itself.

When I was a kid I had my first experience GM'ing my own roleplaying game. I didn't know what to do, so I made a basic story about a princess being kidnapped by bandits, and my players had to devise a way to assult their wooden fortress. I remember vividly that one of my players (the rogue of course) decides his character wouldn't take that kind of risk, he'd rather just wait in the nearest tree. The rest of the party groaned and complained, since it'll be even HARDER without him, but up the tree he climbed. He sat in that tree, while the other, less dextrous players tried to get him down by throwing rocks. I remember laughing so hard, as his "friends" almost kill him to get him out of the tree, to come help "get killed". Well, they left him, assaulted the fortress, and hammed it all up and got caught. From about a mile away, the rogue watched the camp from his tree, and after he saw smokefires, he decided things must have turned for the worst. So, being the rogue and reluctant hero he was, he decided to investigate after all. He snuck in, rescued the party, saved the day.

I've never forgotten how much fun we had, so when Arcknight first decided to start making roleplaying maps, I insisted we make a "Bandit Fortress" with wooden walls and rampways, and as a nostagic throwback i added a single large tree in the bottom corner (far enough to be overlooked, but close enough that a skilled rogue just might be able to leap over that fortress all and make us all proud.) With a happy heart, I introduce you to a treasured part of my childhood - enjoy!

The Bandit Fortress is comprised of 9 seperate map sections; Entrance, Murderway (Longer Entrance thats easily defended), 2 Corner pieces, Short Wall, Long Wall, A Keep, a Great Hall (A keep for your egomanical endboss who's made as much space for his throneroom as possible), and the extremely useful Plain Dirt. The sections were designed to be as versatile as possible, each being able to connect to multiple other pieces allowing maximum configurations. This pack contains all 9 map images in 1" Grid, 1" Hex and Gridless versions, as well as 3 .PDF documents that are 'ready to print' in Letter format for home printing, a small set of 'premade' maps to save time when using VTT software, and a new .PNG object pack for direct use in VTT as well.

This map pack contains:

  • 27 High Resolution .jpgs (9 of each type, 1" Grid Squares, 1" Hexes, Gridless) that are preformatted to the ideal specs for online VTTs such as Roll20 and are ready to use, plus a set of Premade map arrangements.
  • 3 multipage "print ready" PDFs in Letter Format, in standard 1" Grid Squares, 1" Hexes and Gridless.
  • A set of .png Objects, correctly sized and formatted for use in VTT programs such as Roll20.

The Bandit Fortress map was originally created for our premier project 'Roleplaying Maps by Arcknight'. You can find out more about our maps HERE on our online Atlas.