Arcknight Maps : The Graystone Castle

by Arcknight




Tags: Any system fantasy maps Pathfinder 1e Pathfinder 1st Edition

Arcknight Maps : The Graystone Castle

The Graystone Castle, an Arcknight Roleplaying BattleMap

A total of 19 Castle maps that can be rotated and combined to create dozens of castle layouts. Pages include a Throne Room, Barracks, Kitchens, High-end Residence, servants Quarters, Walls, Ramparts, a Gate, and even a Drawbridge, as well as unfurnished version of the maps, and a few extra bridges. Create the castle you're looking for.

Each castle section was originally designed for high quality print on 11x17 pages, and can stand alone as an individual map or be rotated and connected to any other section to create dozens of valid layouts. Your digital download includes the original 11x17 files, plus a series of 'ready to print' files in Letter format, and a set of transparent .png objects formatted for use in VTT programs.

This map pack contains:

  • 3 multipage "print ready" PDFs in Letter Format, in standard 1" Grid Squares, 1" Hexes and Gridless.
  • High Resolution jpgs of each map section, in 1" Grid Squares, 1" Hexes and Gridless; perfect for use with other applications and virtual tabletops.
  • Transparent .png Objects, correctly sized and formatted for use in VTT programs such as Roll20.
  • Includes both Furnished and Unfurnished versions of the maps, so you can repurpose the layouts or design your own interiors using the .png object files.