Arcknight Maps: The Wizard's Tower

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The Wizard's Tower, an Arcknight Roleplaying BattleMap

Designed by Arcknight Games, this multi-page PDF gives you 6 floors of a Wizard's Tower, including an entry floor, basement, laboratory, library, quarters and attic.

Each section was originally designed for high quality print on 11x17 maps, and the floors of the tower can be rearranged in any order you wish to suit the type of tower you wish to make. Your digital download includes the original 11x17 files, plus a series of 'ready to print' files in Letter format, a series of high resolution jpgs, a small set of .png objects formatted for use in VTT program, and as a special bonus - we're including a reworked set of maps specifically for use in VTT programs - a full 18" circular version of each floor, something that was impossible to produce on 11x17 pages, and an 'unfurnished' version of each floor as well.

This map pack contains:

  • 3 multipage "print ready" PDFs in Letter Format, in standard 1" Grid Squares, 1" Hexes and Gridless.
  • High Resolution jpgs of each original map section, in 1" Grid Squares, 1" Hexes and Gridless.
  • A set of .png Objects, correctly sized and formatted for use in VTT programs such as Roll20.
  • A Special Bonus - A set of 18 x 18" Wizard's Tower maps specifically for use in VTT's, along with an 'unfurnished' copy of each map, something previously impossible when printing in 11x17 format.

The Wizard's Tower maps were originally created for our premier project 'Roleplaying Maps by Arcknight'. You can find out more about our maps on our online Atlas.


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