B1 - Return of the Rat Cult


Purple Duck Games

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B1 - Return of the Rat Cult

Purple Duck Games is proud to present a new adventure for the Labyrinth LordTM system.

Felton is much like any other agricultural town, a good harvest brings plenty, but a bad harvest brings... The Return of the Rat Cult! In the aftermath of a riot, townspeople are missing, and the Rat Cultists are to blame. Time is running out- can the party find them and reap the reward of the sacred shield? Return of the Rat Cult is a Labyrinth Lords adventure for 4-6 characters of levels 2 and 3, combining investigative work and dungeon delving against harrowing odds. Several new magic items and possible entry into the depths of the earth await those who would confront The Servants of the Small God!

Now available for download from the Madcap Maroon Marauders at Purple Duck Games!

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