Bards of Porphyra


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Bards of Porphyra

BARDS - Like you've never seen them before!

"Come closer now and listen..." The sweet tones of the bard retelling the tale of adventure, in song, music or movement is the culmination of heroic pursuit since time began. Adventuring bards supporting their allies in the thick of battle is doubly heroic! On the Patchwork Planet of Porphyra, bards are stalwart supporters of the two sides of the ancient (some say ongoing) NewGod War between the Elementalists and the Deists. Think bards are just minstrels in a tavern? Get Bards of Porphyra, and meet...

  • The Cantor- ecclesiastic aide to clerics
  • The Gagaku- courtier to royals- with a secret weapon!
  • The Howler- one with the pack, baying down prey...
  • The Muzzein- calling the Elementalist faithful to prayer
  • The northern mystic, the laujala and the amazing holy fool, all waiting to seek adventure!

Bards of Porphyra also has new masterpieces (Music of the Spheres), magic items (the amazing Air Sitar) and spells (like Mass Benediction), all immersed in the upcoming World of Porphyra campaign setting - a great new take on an underestimated class!

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