Bloodragers of Porphyra


Purple Duck Games

PDF / Pathfinder

Bloodragers of Porphyra

Blood Calls to Blood… and those who oppose shall pay the price of Rage!

Raised in the military tradition of berserk warfare, born with a legacy of sorcerous bloodline powers and abilities, the bloodrager wreaks devastation on the battlefield with his innate magic, sorcerous spells, and diabolical abilities. All the aspects of the Patchwork Planet of Porphyra manifest themselves in the myriad bloodrager bloodlines and archetypes, and are now made known in Nathan Reinecke’s Bloodragers of Porphyra, new from Purple Duck Games! This class-book explores the hybrid class with 6 amazing archetypes like the rampaging feral bloodrager, and his opposites, the ritualistic student of fury and the placid zen rager. Also within are 6 new, subtly mundane bloodlines like Guardian, Heroic and Plagued; wildblood mutations to swirl the chaos include the eerie Eldritch, restorative Phoenix and unpredictable Wild Magic mutated wildblood bloodrager bloodlines. The bloodrager class is boosted in this fine product with the inclusion of new feats (including the new Blood feat-type!) magic weapons, armor qualities, wondrous items and 5 new spells usable by bloodragers and their sorcerous cousins.

For those who enjoy the dynamic new bloodrager class and want to see its power on parade, Bloodragers of Porphyra from Purple Duck Games is a must-get product for GMs and players alike! So grab a copy of Bloodragers of Porphyra from the berserk boneheads at Purple Duck Games, where our games are what you want!