Call to Arms: Ropes

by Fat Goblin Games

Fat Goblin Games



Call to Arms: Ropes

Call to Arms: Ropes

Call to Arms is a book line for players and gamemasters alike. Each book focuses on a different type of item, expanding rules for those items and adding everything from new mundane and magical examples of the item to new character options related to the item. Call to Arms: Rope focuses on one of the most versatile tools available to any adventurer to make rope not only essential but dynamic in play. Exciting new uses of rope are presented and old uses are expanded on and clarified. New traits, feats, and items will allow players to dance like a circus acrobat, build like a rigger, belay like a mountain climber, and even bind the gods themselves.

Items covered in Call to Arms: Ropes include...

  • A Brief History of Rope
  • Rules and Rope
  • Breaking Rope and Masterwork Rope
  • Improvised Rope Tricks
  • Character Options including Traits, Feats, Class Options and -Archetypes!
  • Knots
  • Using Rope to communicate

and much, much more!